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We specialize in the installation, servicing, repairs and resell of all makes of HVAC units, refrigeration units and appliances.

Welcome to Appliance Repairs, your number one supplier of HVAC/R-A (Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning, Refrigeration and Appliances) Services. We are a one stop solutions provider offering installation, maintenance/ service, repair/ reconditioning and sales of HVAC/R-A (Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning, Refrigeration and Appliances) equipment.

We consider no problem too big or small for us and we strive to give businesses of all sizes the best service with tailored solutions that meet their unique needs. As a company we are very conscious about the environment and leaving a green footprint and are dedicated to embracing green technologies. We aspire to guide our clients in transitioning to newer more efficient technologies with improved capacity and efficiency, saving them energy costs and helping them reach their energy preservation goals without breaking the bank. These new technologies will also allow us to increase the use of HVAC equipment in homes propelled by its affordability to purchase, install and run.

About BQ2 Trading


Reliable, professional and quality HVAC and Refrigeration products for commercial and domestic clients on affordable terms


To build innovative solutions in HVAC, Refrigeration and Appliances


Quality, Value, Hard Work, Social Responsibility, Innovation, Uniqueness, Integrity, Family, Reliability, Accountability



Innovative solutions to keep your space warm during those cold winters.


Control the quality of your indoor air by diluting or eliminating pollutants.

Air Conditioning

Quality solutions for managing air quality by removing excess moisture and heat.


Your go to partner in ensuring food preservation, at home and in industry.


From laundry, to dishes, to clean-up, to that all important coffee, we keep everything working.

Our Segments

For homes and private dwellings, including lessees of real estate agents living in apartments, complexes and estates, as well as companies, with a small number of employees or a small office space or shop using the firm’s services for their business. This also includes small businesses running a franchise.

Domestic & Small Business

All property held for the purposes of the administration of businesses, whether it be leased out to or owned by the user or business clients using the firm’s services for premises on which they sale products to the public and may include restaurants, bars, supermarkets, etc.

Commercial Office Space & Retail Businesses

Large scale manufacturing entities likely to need industrial scale products to artificially circulate their atmosphere, building projects of any kind, from commercial space to private dwellings, also on a subcontractor basis to the main project lead in the case of very large projects.

Industrial, Construction & Real Estate




We specialize in the installation of all brands of HVAC, Refrigeration Units and Appliances. We work with a variety of units and equipment suited to different environments, climates and structures. We also optimize our product for both domestic and commercial markets. Taking advantage of our pipeline, we design our installations to be specifically tailored to all our client’s needs including budgetary constraints. The ultimate goal is to provide solutions that provide clients comfort and convenience in whatever environment they are in.



The efficiency and capacity of any piece of machinery is directly related to the frequency and quality of service implemented on it. The firm will be offering service contracts to help client’s equipment working at peak capacity and these will be quarterly, termly or half yearly, depending on a variety of factors such as; the nature of the equipment, the strain it endures in its functions, the client’s budgetary and temporal constraints, etc. This would not only save energy and associated costs but increase the equipment’s life span and save on costly break downs



We strive to promptly return our clientele to this luxury economical when it is disturbed by unforeseen breakdowns. We are passionate about all machinery we deal in and constantly working to understand the challenges it overcomes functioning in different environments and from the wealth of knowledge we have gathered from experience over the years we pride ourselves in the ability to diagnose and repair most problems clients will be exposed to with their equipment and offer advice on how to best use it to avoid problems returning.

Some Of Our Works

BQ2 Air Conditioning
BQ2 Air Conditioning
BQ2 Air Conditioning
BQ2 Air Conditioning
BQ2 Air Conditioning
BQ2 Air Conditioning
BQ2 Air Conditioning
BQ2 Air Conditioning
BQ2 Air Conditioning
BQ2 Air Conditioning

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Amazing experience I had with these gentlemen. Not only are they professional but the services are so much affordable wow keep it up guys!

Nokulunga Ndiweni

Thank you very much for your exceptional work, you guys are very efficient and reliable.

Mike Dube

I received prompt and exceptional service from the BQ2 Trading team. I would recommend their services to anyone any day if what you seek is top performance and service delivery

Martin Moyo

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